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 "In an ancient warring land, the champions of the Dragon God keep the peace through duels to the death, but when a bloody prophecy puts a sacred warrior between revenge and duty, his choices can change the fate of the world and unleash the all out war he was bound to prevent."

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  What would happen if a fantasy book could present a rich, unprecedented universe, but at the same time brought together the best of Game of Thrones' adult and realistic approach with the epic action of 300 and the inspiring atmosphere of heroism of The Lord of the Rings?

  And what if it were written from one of the world's most awarded unproduced film scripts in its genre, resulting in a revolutionary style, in which instead of feeling like just reading a great story you can witness it while an unforgettable movie unfolds before the eyes of your imagination?

   What if this same story, amidst legendary battles and startling twists, could make you cheer, cry, thrill, and finally amaze yourself with a breathtaking ending? The answer may be before you...



   From the success of L.S. Reis  world-renowned film script, the idea of a new literary style arises: the CineNovel! Dynamic and surprising, it puts the reader face to face with every scene in history, delivering an immersive "cinematic" experience, to be lived with the eyes of the imagination.

   Storm Dragons inaugurates this new way of writing through a story that is also revolutionary itself, as it was acclaimed as one of the most awarded epic fantasy of all time in the universe of unproduced scripts.

   It will transport you to an unparalleled world, where legend and reality unite in twisting plots, transforming your reading into something unique and unforgettable.

News: First pa
rt of the Graphic Novel adaption available for free on Amazon.

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The Synopsys

    To ensure that the horrors of war would not return, the priests created a sacred order, the Storm Dragons, warriors prepared from childhood, for one single purpose: never to be defeated and thus preserve peace. For centuries they have fulfilled their mission.

    However, an ancient prophecy is about to take place: “the Immortal will be revealed, hauling the Dragon Champions through the gates of death, bringing the ultimate war and the end of the Three Nations. At the same time, the priests have visions of the birth of Zairos, a warrior whose choices can change the fate of the world.

    But when an old enemy returns to take it all from him again, Zairos divides himself between duty and revenge on a path that can unleash the immortal forces of the ancient prophecy in an unprecedented war, destroying everything he has sworn to protect.

    A fantastic and epic journey, full of action and drama, glory and tragedy, honor and betrayal, love and hate, revenge and redemption. Blood, tears, a touch of fantasy and unimaginable surprises in a breathtaking finale, creating an unprecedented history and an immortal legend.

    Walk side by side with the Storm Dragons, discover the mysteries of the bloody prophecy and make your choice: “Peace or WAR?

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