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Awards and Praise


     Before being turned into this cinenovel, the Storm Dragons screenplay achieved wins and high placements in many international competitions:

"...It is not often that I find myself completely surprised by blind alleys and unexpected twists in screenplays after reading so many, but this one left me flummoxed a couple of times...  There were a couple of times where I said, “Whoa!” out loud while reading.  Between these surprises and the shocking amount of bloodshed and carnage that characterizes the third act, I think I would have been well on the edge of my seat were I watching this classic hero’s journey in a theater.  And when the Storm Dragons... (spoilers here), just when I thought the drama couldn’t intensify?  The writer earned himself a little fist pump. – Emerging Screenwriters

 ...It's a fantasy-action script that really understands action and does a great job building its world at the right moments. The pacing is very effective; it gets more tense and heightens the conflict at the exact right moments...The script is bold and takes some surprisingly dark twists...Storm Dragons is a script which on the surface does enough differently to gain initial interest – however it is it's superb execution the makes it gripping. – Contest of Contest Winners unique, original, and marketable as a fantasy-action piece likely to garner attention from contemporary audiences... The story concept and its narrative flow are tightly crafted, which is one of the script's strong suits ...a very nice job, and this is material that has great potential for the silver screen. – Creative World Awards incredibly impressive fantasy action film that is sure to appeal to fans of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. I admire your ambition and applaud your ability to gracefully construct a vivid fantasy realm with clearly defined rules and mythologies. …You absolutely nail the tone and diction of the fantasy setting and it really helps immerse the audience in to the world of the narrative … This is a very strong work. – Fresh Voices

...'Game of Thrones', 'Watership Down' and 'The Ring Trilogy' all mixed into one exciting yarn – A Film Writer

 ...Lots of interesting characters... Lots of good Dialogue... Lots of great twists in the end... Excellent film-worthy twist... An exceptionally well written and engaging story – Extreme Screenwriting

 Contests Achievements

This section is a tribute to all international screenplay competitions that recognized the quality of one of the many and constantly improving versions of the Storm Dragons' stories along the years. Thank you for being such an important part of this epic journey.



Emerging Screenwriters
Bridge Fest
Hong Kong Festival

Toronto Festival

MAC Festival

Rio Festival



Contest of Contest Winners

Nashville Fest



Cannes Screenplay 
Fantastic Planet

Philadelphia Screenplay

Scriptamation (Best Scene)
ScriptVamp Attention Grabber

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