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About the Author


L.S. Reis was born in Brazil, in ancient times, and lives in Rio de Janeiro with his wife, his couple of heirs and his dogs.

Besides being a writer and screenwriter, he creates computer applications in his own software company and achieved a Master’s Degree in the ancient art of Wing Chun Kung Fu!

He loves stories that give him shivers, tears and/or laughs. He believes that, to be great, a story needs to absolutely touch the heart of its audience and blow his mind. Those are the stories he loves, to read, watch and write.

His screenplay Storm Dragons, was written to achieve the goals above. Its wins and high placements im more than 3o international competitions and film festivals show that he honored  his objectives. And to make this multi-awarded story available to anyone without losing its cinematic power L.S. Reis created a new, unique and successful writing style to launch his first novel: the CINENOVEL! 


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