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CGI Teaser Trailer

A taste of the Storm Dragons opening  scene made in CGI. The storm already come. Then, what is your choice?

Minara's Lullaby

How about the novel's emotional song, becoming alive thru Juliana Mesty's sweet voice with the beautiful melody by Thaisa Leal.

Comics Animated Opening

This is a trial demo animation based on the opening scene of the upcoming comics with Brazilian Portuguese voice over by Cátia Reis.  Art by Frank Fernandes and music by Art Turner.

Storyboard Animated Trailer

This one was an unexpected  gift by Geoff Wong . I didn't know Geoff Wong and I had no participation on its creation, but I loved it.

"Instead of" Teaser

The teaser trailier above  plays with other successful epic/fantasy movies. The Amazon Studios logo there is just a tribute to the place where the project started.

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